• Innovation

    Something new is coming
    on the Retail Lending market

  • Permanent optimization

    You can reduce the cost of your credit. Every month.

  • Philosophy

    Building trust generates
    mutual profitability

  • Technologies

    Artificial intelligence
    & Distributed work

  • Launching in 2021

    Join our
    exciting adventure

Our company

We are the FINTECH enforcing an innovative business model powered by AI & distributed work, aimed at rewriting the rules of Retail Lending.

To do so, 22Trust Venture creates a sophisticated yet transparent dynamic pricing environment all along the life of the credit, within which each client can optimize its financing cost for the better.

  • We value client-provided information to price with fairness
  • We share the value added with our clients in all of our activities
  • We build trust and see it of paramount importance over any other short term ambition
  • We are launching our services in 2021
  • And it's exciting!

Our philosophy

With the help of technology, we create a mutually profitable relationship by establishing Trust between the bank and each and every client. 22Trust Venture Founders


arises from


Unlike traditional banks for which secrecy of the models is critical, we provide a total transparency on our pricing mechanisms and empower each client to positively impact its pricing.


Fairness is at the very core of the notion of Trust. 22Trust Venture shares, in all its different activities, part of the value created with its clients to guarantee a fair environment to all.


Ensuring the sustainability of our client's financial life over time, sets the stage for Trust to thrive. 22Trust Venture goes way beyond: it invests in its clients to ensure it.

and generates

increased and
sustainable profitability


Artificial Intelligence

Learn from the past to improve the future. Machines are very good at doing what humans are failing to accomplish, and we are fully taking advantages of latest advances in machine learning and AI advancements.

Distributed Work

Everybody would love to rely entirely on machines. However, loans attribution and management imply human aspects that cannot be eluded. Our distributed work platform makes it possible to verify, at scale, client-provided information in an efficient, transparent and accountable manner while enforcing the highest privacy protection for the client.

We are open for investment

22Trust Venture is in its early stages. There is still time to join the adventure to become a privileged beneficiary of our future benefits. We are not aiming to become a unicorn company in the sense that growth at the detriment of shareholders or stakeholders (clients, employees, society, etc.) is out of the question. We believe that hyper-growth can be achieved while running a sustainable & profitable business model in this industry.

If with these few words we have triggered your curiosity, feel free to get in touch and we can then discuss the different possibilities for you to become part of our venture.

Contact us

We are not a unicorn company. We work on a well-established market and profitability predictions.

We offer different investment possibilities (Equity or Venture debt), depending on your preferences and risk appetite (guarantee of returns on the Venture debt by cash collateral by the founders).

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How to reach us

We remain available for any question you may have regarding our activities. We speak English, Romanian, French and Swedish.


  • contact [at] 22trustventure [dot] com
  • LinkedIn

Our address

  • Two To Trust Venture S. R. L
    CUI : 41543365
    Calea Victoriei 132
    Bucharest Sector 1